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Under Armour HOVR NYC Marathon Playlist Submission Form

Under Armour HOVR NYC Marathon Playlist Submission Form

SoundCloud is partnering with Under Armour to help runners train, warm up, and get pumped for the 2018 NYC Marathon. This year we will be promoting a (10) ten (non-exclusive) track playlist of upbeat music that runners can use as they run & train leading up to the marathon on 11/4.

Please submit tracks via the THIS FORM no later than Friday September 26th, 6pm EST

Campaign Overview:

Program Summary:

Under Armour will be promoting a (10) track playlist of upbeat / hype music from emerging artists to help runners as they train for the 2018 NYC Marathon.

The playlist will be promoted on SoundCloud and live as a playlist on the Under Armour SoundCloud Profile

Ad Impressions:

Minimum of 10 million impressions for the playlist, consisting of (10) ten tracks promoted on SoundCloud mobile and desktop stream to users in the US only.

Direct Sponsorship Compensation:

Other Partners: Payout to be determined based on such partner’s rev share of their pro rata share of their track’s plays within the playlist during the campaign period

Run Dates: The playlist will be promoted for ~4 weeks from October to November (exact dates are not yet finalized).

Territory: US


Full branding of playlist art & branding on each of the (10) ten tracks featured in the playlist (Please note this means the album art will be replaced with UA branding for the duration of the campaign)

You must be able to confirm artist / artist representative approves of UA branding on the Album art as well as the visual track.

Content Requirements:

Exclusivity Period:


Target Audience:

A18-34 M/F active lifestyle




Upbeat / good to run to


Radio Clean (No explicit lyrics)

No questionable themes

Artist Restrictions:

Artist must have a clean background i.e. no arrests or serious allegations

Artist must not have ties to any other ath-leisure brand (FILA, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Champion, etc.)

Artist Tier:


Artist Commitment:


Other Details and Direction:

All tracks submitted must be monetizing in the ad-supported tier on SoundCloud

Track artwork / publicity images will need to be submitted if accepted (Layered PSD and fonts)

Track must have been released within the past year
Please include a few bullet points about about the artist as well as recent marketing activity. Please do not include long lists of press links or tour dates.
If you do not have an ISRC please explain why.
Lyrics must be radio clean. No crude or derogatory lyrics. No racist, homophobic or sexist commentary. No strong language or explicit content such as violence, suicide, sex, or substance abuse. No drinking, alcohol, drugs, sexual themes, violence, political themes, bullying, etc. No racist, homophobic, sexist or suicidal themes. **IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING AN EXPLICIT VERSION OF A TRACK BUT A CLEAN VERSION EXISTS, PLEASE NOTE THAT IN THE "ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW" QUESTION.
Album art and visual track (visual behind waveform) will be branded by NFL 60 for the duration of the campaign. ** If you do not have permission, please select "Other" and explain **
Artists submitted must have a clean background. NFL’s PR team will review each artist on a case by case basis. Please review solicitation email for exact parameters but artist but not have been involved in any unethical behavior such as threats of violence, illegal position of weapons or drugs, crimes against animals, and / or crimes of dishonesty or theft.
Please add links to the artist's social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc). We will be checking these to make sure there is no inappropriate content. If accepted, social support from the artist is required for participation.
Football connection is not required, but Artist will be expected to record commentary talking about football, so it's a plus