What is Nectar?

Nectar is a CHRISTIAN digital distribution and promotion company. We send your music to all online Outlets where music is sold or streamed. When people buy or stream your music we pay you 100% of the royalties sent to us.

Will you guys own my Music?

No, you maintain 100% of your copyrights and royalties.

How much does it cost?

We have a free tier that pays out 70% of your net royalties. Our 100% Royalty plans start at $19.99 per year.

How much does Nectar keep of my royalties?

None. 100% of what we receive is transferred to you.

Who owns Nectar?

Nectar is a Trackstarz Company.


How much of my YouTube Royalties will I receive?

100% of what YouTube provides to us.


Does Nectar show Sales or Streaming stats in the nectar Dashboard?

Yes, you can see a portion of your sales information in our Distribution platform. More Detailed stats can be found on our Royalties Platform

Distribution Platform – https://nectardistro.audiosalad.com.com Spotify – https://app.curveroyaltysystems.com


When will I receive my first payout?

It takes right around 3-4 months for the outlets to send your first payment.  You should receive regular monthly payments after that.


Can I schedule my release dates ahead of time?



Does the music submitted stay on the various platforms forever?

Your music will stay up as long as you are a member of Nectar