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If so, you are in the right place!! Trackstarz has partnered with Naz-Sect Publishing to allow you to submit music for placement in all the places previously mentioned. For more information about Naz-Sect Publishing and what they offer, click the YouTube video to the right.

Specifically Naz-Sect is looking for Sample Free, Broadcast Quality Clean Hip-hop, Pop, R&B style music or Beats for placements.

Below we are allowing you to submit up to 2 links/month to specific songs that we can stream (NO DOWNLOAD links) for FREE.

Submissions are only allowed by people who have signed up for Nectar Distribution. Haven’t signed up yet??

Only submit if you have awesome music and own the Masters and Publishing to your tunes. IF YOU USE GMAIL BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS!! For some reason our emails keep ending up in gmail spam.

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