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Spotify Track Pitching

Spotify Track Pitching

- All submissions will be considered, although editorial placement can never be guaranteed
- Submit only priorities - more submissions doesn’t equal more placements
- Prioritise new releases
- Always fill in as many fields and provide as much context as possible
- Only tracks can be submitted (not whole albums or EPs)
- Please use these forms sensibly. Excessive submissions will be disregarded by Spotify.

Let's go!

Artist and track information

Information about the artist and the track
The name of the artist or band
The name of the track
Has the track already been released on Spotify?

Spotify track URI

Your pitch will not be considered if no listening link is provided.
The day the track was released on Spotify or when the track will be released.
Upload the track to Soundcloud to give the Curators another way to hear the song
Please provide the Track URI (it always starts with spotify:track:)

Additional information

Please provide additional information and context that will assist us when considering the track for editorial placement
Please indicate the main genre of the track
If you believe the track fits specific moods or moments, please indicate below
If instrumental, put N/A
As displayed on the Artist page in Spotify. If the artist is new, put N/A
Any additional info and context around the artist and the track, such as tours, syncs, recent success, great reviews, radio success, PR stories etc. (Max 500 characters)

Thank you!

Click 'Submit' below to submit all details on the track.